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*NOTE*: For new joiners, please post a welcome message in our community with your AIM name *is you have one*, neopets name and a little message for us!

This is the official community for

And of course Lunar-Eclipse the guild!

Anyone is welcome to join this community! All you have to do is have fun! We have much to offer :D

*Free Journal Icons/Layouts
*Free Graphics (Banners, cursors, backgrounds...etc)
*Fun and friendly Members
*Free Neo Tips
*Free access to community contests
*News and Updates

||.:Terms and Conditions:.||

*Please keep the swear words to a minimum
*Please stay to the topic of neopets, graphics, or anything related to those. Any off the wall topics will be removed.
*Please do not accuse someone of stealing art (icons/ANYTHING)...if you think someone has, we will adress this matter in a mature way.
*DO NOT steal icons/layouts that do not belong to you, or you will be banned from this community
*No spamming or posting one liners (except for updates)
*Please put long messages/quizzez/pics behind an lj-cut tag
*Any sort of reward/promotion for the making/distributing of images or ideas is against our communites T & C, and is not allowed.
*If you host a contest, NO NP MAY BE GIVEN TO THE RUNNER IN ORDER TO ENTER! That is considered scamming and on neopets is a freezable offense.
*Have as much fun as possible, and be active!

||.:Contact Information:.||

Community President/Website Owner: Eccentricbliss
Neomail: 0verdosed
Email: Click here
AIM sn: x Spikalicious x
MSN sn: xxtropikalxskittlezxx@hotmail.com

Community Co-President/Website Co-Owner/Guild Runner: Britteh
Neomail: blu_glitter21
Email: Click here
AIM: desired memory
MSN: xopinktrash@hotmail.com

||.:Links and Such:.||

Here are some great links that, if you have time, you should check out!

.::T-SIS Design::.



Thankyou for stopping by to check out our community! We hope that you will join and help this community get even bigger!

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